Hussam Al_Ziab

Hussam Al_Ziab
Weight: 62
Height: 182
Age: 16
Sex: Male

1_ Hussam Al_Ziab, born on 14/7/2006 (Homs)
182 cm
62 klg
Its advantages (playing with two feet – reading the opponent – seeing inside the field – perfect shooting – high scoring sense – strong physique despite his young age…)

2_ Graduate of the Italian Inter Academy, led by Italian coaches
He played with the academy from the age of 7 to 14 years old
And then he moved to Al-Feday Club after he was presented with an official offer from the club during his career with the Inter Academy. He achieved titles with the Academy, including the Academy’s top scorer with 64 goals and 33 assists from only 57 games, in addition to achieving the title of the Grand Academies Course and the Lebanon Cup for Academies… The player was occupying the position of the advanced midfield in addition to the positions of the right and left wing and the outright striker and achieved several individual awards along with his career with the Academy and also participated with the Syrian Al Ahli Academy in 2019 in the Cedar Cup and achieved with the Academy the title of the Black Horse.
Al-Feday club played for him for the youth and juniors category and played 43 matches, he was able to score 39 goals and make 22 and contribute to 9 goals
The brilliance of the company of his Al-Feday club came to the player several offers, including Al-Mabra Club, Al-Safa Club and Al-Tadamon Club.
(It is reported that the Al-Fidaya Club is Palestinian and registered with the Palestinian Football Association)

3_ On August 8, 2021 he was invited for the first time
For the Syrian junior national team for a camp in the capital, Damascus
A player with a huge potential to develop and every day he proves it in training.

(Cv Player Hossam Alziab
Submitted by Al-Feday Club)


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