Khaled Mohamed Elhariry

Weight: 83
Height: 175
Age: 18
Sex: Male

انا متميز بست مهارات و هم الدفاع و الباس و توجيه الخط الدفاعي و الهجومي و رؤية الملعب الڨيشن و القوة الجسدية
لكن في الجانب الآخر فأنا لست سريع و اللياقة ليست افضل شئ و المراوغة ليست بمستوى عال و لكن يمكن القول عليها انها عادية الى حد ما

I’m more likely to be a defender so I could consider myself a CDM
My powers : passing,vision,being a captain, strength, defense awareness,tackles, both def. And attk. Positioning, aggression, interruption
My dribbling and ball control is above average but I think it’s average.
My weak points: stamina, pace (but I have high rate of acceleration)
I can give my self a rate of 73 or 75 from 100 but why would you miss seeing my true potential in a game.


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